I’m a British born, European, multi-disciplinary artist.
I’m an image-maker, storyteller, teacher, traveller and Mum.

Since I was a child I’ve been fascinated by abandoned places and objects, their stories and hidden beauty. I love to explore and picture the derelict or forgotten; to preserve it, resuscitate it and then to reinvent it. I obsessively take photos of the hidden, unnoticed world around me that I can later use as a basis for new artwork and projects.

Julia at work

After graduating in illustration from Falmouth Art College (UK) I started my professional career as a freelance children’s book and travel book illustrator. Then in the late 90s, I began working almost exclusively on digital projects involving video, motion graphics, interactive design, photography, digital illustration, exhibition design etc. in both permanent and freelance positions. [ You can see some of this work by clicking here ]

Whilst Creative Director at Drumbeat Ltd (Brighton design agency) I was invited to Brighton University and City College Brighton and Hove (UK) as a visiting lecturer. I enjoyed teaching so much that I stayed to teach on their HND Multimedia course. Later I set up and ran their Audio-visual and Multimedia PDC course for three years. I’ve also worked as a software trainer for the likes of the BBC, Silicon Beach Training and Jaspar Conran. I still continue to enjoy teaching today.

I am naturally a restless person who likes new challenges so in recent years I’ve been steering my work away from the compromise of designing for a client, and focusing more on my personal art projects. I divide my time between the UK and Barcelona.

My passion for exploring abandoned places is shared with my partner Geppe Monrós, with whom I started Project Abandoned? For 13 months we travelled 40,000km through 24 European countries in a camper van documenting abandoned places and interviewing those who had reused, conserved or pictured them.

One of the results is a feature-length documentary film that was screened weekly for 3 months at a Barcelona cinema, 3 times on national Spanish TV (La 2) and it was selected at 10 international film festivals. We are currently planning ‘Abandoned? Exposed’, an internationally touring event that includes exhibitions, workshops, screenings and debates on the theme of Abandoned?

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