In the following table you can find some sample prices for printing my work. Prices are listed in GBP £, which will be converted into your local currency when you place your quote enquiry and/or order. I have included a link to a currency converter so that you can get an idea of how much any item will cost. As the picture sizes are not limited to those listed here and also the price of a print edition will increase when there are few prints left, please only use this table to give yourself an idea of prices. Contact me via the enquiry form for an up to date quote.

photographic prints

photographic print size ≤45 x 30cm 60 x 40cm ≥60 x 90cm
number of prints in edition 32 18 10
photographic print size 30 x 20cm 45 x 30cm 60 x 40cm 60 x 90cm
digital c-type prints £60 £70 £90 £120
laminated digital c-type prints £65 £75 £100  £130
postage £10 £10 £10 £15
direct print on aluminium + aluminium hanging rails
£110 £135 £175 £245
textile print on 20mm stretcher frame £110 £145 £185 £235
laminated direct print on 19mm thick dark grey MDF £105 £135 £165 £225
direct print on 3mm forex + aluminium hanging rails
£100 £115 £150 £195
laminated photo applied to aluminium + aluminium hanging rails £130 £155 £210 £270
print on forex in solid wood art box £140 £165 £210 £275
postage £15 £15 £15 £20


artwork prints

Click here to download a sample price list for some of my digital artwork. The size and format possibilities are not limited to those listed, which are there just to give you an idea. Please use the enquiry form and I'll send you a free, no obligation quote. Normally there are 50 prints of each artwork design in an edition. 5 at the largest size, 20 at the middle sizes and 35 at the smallest sizes.