I am working on two montage projects of the neighbourhood of Poblenou in Barcelona, an area that I have seen change dramatically since I arrived twelve years ago. As the neighbourhood gets regenerated I have been documenting these changes and capturing its lost industrial heritage, street art, hidden corners and inhabitants.

before after900px

I’ve been using this image archive to create these montages that illustrate not just Poblenou’s physical history but also its social tapestry. They are 100% customisable, living artworks where every building, person and graffiti can be modified. Local businesses can commission a unique version of either for their premises that incorporates their companies buildings, branding, personnel, products etc. Individuals can also commission a version or detail from either montage that includes themselves, family and/or friends. Anything is possible!

The final designs can be printed as high resolution, photographic panorama prints at a size of 1.5 to 5 metres wide. They can also be divided into panels or created as unique 3D illuminated artwork.

Poblenou: Then + Now

In this, as yet, unfinished photographic montage of Poblenou the foreground illustrates the cultural richness and uniqueness of this neighbourhood and its 'festes majors'. The middle ground shows the area’s abandoned buildings, many of which have now been destroyed or changed beyond recognition. I've decorated these old buildings with graffiti that also plays such a strong role in the history of Poblenou. The next plane back is made up of the old industrial buildings that have been reused and then in the back plane are abstract details from the new, modern buildings in the area.


In the final 3D art installation this part will be back-lit and the floor will be of corroded metal. It will have at least 10 horizontal planes of different materials with space between each and lighting effects, all encased within a box frame.

Poblenou: Before + After

This photo_montage illustrates every day life and the difficult period of change as mass tourism threatens to unbalance the make up of the neighbourhood.

In the final 3D art installation of this montage I plan to apply the design to aluminium that is bent to follow the montage's lines of perspective (similar to NYC: A Modern Day Babylon). Poblenou's modern buildings will then be cut out of the metal and applied to semi-transparent plastic with lights behind. I have included local people to add life but the plan is for the montage to be totally customisable depending on where it will be shown and in what context.


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Prints are already available of this montage. Please get in touch.

Both of these montages are part of the wider project called ‘Abandoned?’. The music used in the above videos was composed by Ian Briton for our documentary film 'Abandoned?'