Konvent exhibition May 2017

Geppe Monrós and I (from the 'Abandoned?' project) were invited to participate in 'Espai de Lloc' (Space of Place) Festival at the Konvent from 6th-28th May 2017.  [ ]
We exhibited some of our photographic work, screened our film called 'Abandoned?' and held a debate on the reuse of industrial buildings, especially industrial colonies, in the area of the Llobregat river.
The Konvent is set in an abandoned, industrial colony near to the city of Berga (Catalonia, Spain). The nuns who lived here fed, educated and housed impoverished, girls from the surrounding area who came to work in the textile factories. After the nuns left in 1992 it was abandoned for a while before being metamorphosised into an art centre. It is the most glorious setting to premier some of our favourite pictures and we were lucky enough to have the whole wing where the girls once slept and lived, in which to do so.
The photographic work in this gallery is all by me. 

Saturday, 12 August 2017