2018: Can Tiana
We opened the doors of our new industrial artspace Can Tiana (Poblenou in Barcelona) for the first time.

2017: TOP17, La Fundició
Group exhibition with 'La Fundició' artists for TOP17 festival at our art space La Fundició in Poblenou, Barcelona.

2017: Espai de Llocs Festival, Konvent
Geppe Monrós and I were invited to participate in 'Espai de Lloc' (Space of Place) Festival from 6th-28th May 2017. [ more photos here ]

2016: Vertex Festival, Espai Mallorca
I participated in the Vertex Festival with the Poliédre platform of artists on Sunday 4th December. It took place in different venues in the city of Barcelona. My exhibition was at Espai Mallorca in Plaça Vicenç Martorell, 1-2 with Maria Bezantakou and Aneta Ciesielska and continues until the end of January 2017.

2016: TOP16, Can Ricart
It was the 20th Anniversary of Poblenou Open Studios Festival (TOP16) and I had two group shows. One was with the P9Artiu artists (Sule Duc, Matteo Lencioni and Eva Sans) at Can Ricart in Poblenou, Barcelona.

2016: TOP16, La Fundició
As part of TOP16 20th anniversary I had an exhibition with Coral Sanderos at La Fundició Collective in Poblenou, Barcelona where I have one of my studios.

2016: Llavors + Ara, Punt Multimèdia Casa del Mig,
I was selected to have a solo exhibition at Casa del Mig, Parc de la Espanya Industrial, Barcelona

2016: Competition winner, IEFC (Institute of Photographic Studies of Catalonia),
One of my photographic montages is a finalist in the 5th edition of the 'Creative' Contest and is exhibited at the IEFC (Institute of Photographic Studies of Catalonia) in Barcelona


2015: TOP16, Can Felipa
I was invited to present a video of my photographic montage of Poblenou in this group exhibition at Can Felipa, Poblenou, Barcelona.
[ click here to see video ]

2013: Vertex Festival, Pou de la Figuera,
I exhibited as part of Poliedre (a collective of immigrant artists, musicians and performers based in Barcelona) at the Vertex Festival, Pou de la Figuera, Barcelona

2009: NYC:BCN, La Niu
Solo exhibition at La Niu (Contemporary Art Space), Barcelona

2008: Ulls Blaus
Solo exhibition at Ulls Blaus, Poblenou, Barcelona where I sold all my exhibited artwork.

2007: BAC07, C.C.C.B. (Barcelona Centre of Contemporary Culture)
My artwork NYC: A Modern Day Babylon BAC07 was selected for BAC07 (Barcelona International Festival of Contemporary Art) at the CCCB (Centre of Contemporary Culture), Barcelona. My work appeared in many publications including the Sunday magazine of 'El Pais' newspaper.

2005 - 2009: Villa Del Arte Galleries, Barcelona
My work was sold at the two Villa del Arte Galleries in Barcelona for 4 years. Well over 200 prints from my Poblenou series were sold as well as other related artwork.